For a fraction of the cost, you can grow high quality, organic flower at home that’s better than any cannabis you’ll find in a dispensary.

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HOMEGROW LONG ISLAND GROW GUIDE: Part I – Seeds, Soil, and Containers

The Homegrow LI Grow Guide is a series of articles guiding new growers through the entire process of growing cannabis at home from seed to cured product.

HOMEGROW LONG ISLAND GROW GUIDE: Part VII – Harvesting, Drying, and Curing

Harvesting, drying, and curing your homegrown cannabis is really the make or break phase of the growing process. I've watched helplessly countless times as new growers jump the gun and chop down plants prematurely only to wind up with subpar end results. Rushing the...

HOMEGROW LONG ISLAND GROW GUIDE: Part VI – Initiating Flowering and Care For Flowering Plants

Watching your plants develop flowers is undoubtedly the most exciting phase of the cannabis growing cycle. You've put in all the work of germinating seeds, transplanting your plants, training them, and spending months watching them develop. The plants will be doing...

HOMEGROW LONG ISLAND GROW GUIDE: Part V – Plant Training To Increase Quality and Yield

Cannabis plants, if left to their own devices, will grow straight up as tall as they can in order to take in the maximum amount of sunlight. But when we're growing indoors, we're working with limited head space and with artificial lighting that is nowhere near as...

HOMEGROW LONG ISLAND GROW GUIDE: Part IV – Transplanting And Vegetative Phase

Transplanting your seedlings from Solo cups, or small 4-inch nursery containers, into bigger pots should generally be done once the leaves have reached the edges of the container and the plants start needing watering every day or two. You also may observe that roots...

HOMEGROW LONG ISLAND GROW GUIDE: Part III – Seed Germination and Seedling Care

In Part III of the Homegrow LI Grow Guide we look at cannabis seed germination methods, sowing seeds, and seedling care.

HOMEGROW LONG ISLAND GROW GUIDE: Part II – Grow Tents, Lights, Fans, and Carbon Filters

In Part II of the Homegrow LI Grow Guide we look at the equipment you’ll need for your high-efficiency indoor cannabis growing set-up.

Let’s Grow, New York!

Cannabis is FINALLY legal in New York! Congratulations to us! So, now that the MRTA has passed and those of us age 21 and over no longer have to worry about being thrown in prison with violent offenders for possession of a plant, where do we go from here?...

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Free to join. Come to learn or to share your own experience of growing personal-use cannabis plants at home. Medicinal and recreational users alike. All knowledge levels welcome, from first-timers to well-seasoned connoisseurs. This group is for those wishing to master the art of 100% organic indoor and outdoor at-home cannabis cultivation.

Connect with others who share your enthusiasm for botany, care-taking, troubleshooting, curing, self-empowerment, sustainability, and consumption. Let’s be friends! 

About Us

Homegrow Long Island is New York’s only custom home-cultivation design and educational space. We support adult cannabis enthusiasts in Suffolk and Nassau counties to create their dream homegrow systems for personal use.

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Provisions for legal home-cultivation of cannabis plants in New York State will take effect in 2022 under the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA). On Long Island, many municipalities have threatened to opt-out of retail cannabis sales entirely, leaving few safe and affordable local options for recreational and medicinal consumers.

Help us spread the message that we do not need retail dispensaries to partake in nature’s gifts. Save on taxes and permitting, and forgo commercial interests by growing at home.

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