Cannabis is FINALLY legal in New York! Congratulations to us! So, now that the MRTA has passed and those of us age 21 and over no longer have to worry about being thrown in prison with violent offenders for possession of a plant, where do we go from here?

Unfortunately, New Yorkers won’t be able to buy recreational products from dispensaries until at LEAST 2022 and it’s unclear when the home cultivation provision will be enacted. So we’re currently stuck in a not too unfamiliar situation that has plagued many newly legalized states where you’re allowed to possess and use cannabis but not allowed to buy or grow it. Makes total sense! (sarcasm)

The State is more than likely looking to comfort the interests of the business class (surprising, I know) by holding the home cultivation provision hostage until the big canna-corps are closer to being up and running but I would like to suggest that this is the perfect time to get your growing aspirations in order.

Use this time to fill your brain with as much knowledge as possible to get yourself to a confident start. Clear a space for a grow tent, learn about every cultivation technique you can, bury yourself in grow light reviews until you dream about them, and have fun becoming obsessed with every step and detail of this beautiful hobby that can help us all get back in touch with nature. 

We are creating a series of educational videos detailing every step along the path from seed to harvest in collaboration with some friends in a neighboring (LEGAL) state and will be posting the videos on YouTube as well as linking them right here. It is our hope that the videos will inspire all Long Islanders to become home growers and take pride in growing and producing their own therapeutics. 

Some towns on Long Island may ultimately choose to opt out of recreational cannabis sales, at least until they realize how silly they’re being and how much money they’re missing out on, but, regardless, we believe that we can make their opt-outs irrelevant by encouraging all Long Islanders to grow their own. Viva la mota!

See you soon!

Chris Petchonka